specialty shows

Club Meetings:
Third Wednesday of
every Month at Fuddrucker’s
on Chimney Rock & Richmond in Houston
(No meeting in July)

Shadow makes
his cable debut!


Showing dogs in conformation is a big portion of why members join The Lone Star Akita Club since many of our members are breeders.  Competing in conformation is a big part of their breeding program.  Showing in conformation is essential to good breeding and all breeders should compete to guarantee the continuation of the Akita as is stated in the official standard.  The Lone Star Akita Club can boast of many winning dogs and bitches through our membership.

The information listed below can help you locate shows, enter a show or if you are a beginner, can help explain what showing in conformation is all about.  Of course, conformation is not the only form of competition.  We will be including additional information on competition in obedience as well.

Onofrio Dog Shows – Onofrio facilitates many dog shows
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