Club Meetings:
Third Wednesday of
every Month at Fuddrucker’s
on Chimney Rock & Richmond in Houston
(No meeting in July)

Shadow makes
his cable debut!


The Lone Star Akita Club (LSAC) does what it can to help abandoned, lost or abused akitas.  We have compiled these links to to provide information about Rescue operations to prospective owners and rescue volunteers with the goal of ultimately providing loving permanent homes for Akitas everywhere.  If you are interested in helping with these efforts, fostering an akita, or know of potential loving homes, please feel free to contact Sherry Wallis at 713-465-9729 (email: [email protected]) or Celine Garman @ 281-221-8450 (email: [email protected]) or any of the club members for information.

If you would like to make a donation to the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston Rescue, you may do so via Pay Pal or you can send a Check or Money Order to:

Lone Star Akita Club of Houston Rescue
c/o Jill Drennan, Treasurer
4405 Bailey Avenue
Manvel, TX 77578

Acknowledgement of  Rescue Benefactors

If you’ve read all the material on this website, you know that assuming same-sex Akitas living in the same household won’t get along together is a much safer course than thinking that they will someday learn to cooperate or that if they grow up together they’ll be fine.  Some very experienced breeders do manage to keep some dogs together, but that’s the exception to the rule.

This aspect of their character makes rescue especially difficult for us because we all have dogs of our own, and one thing that is almost a certainty is that a strange dog will probably not be accepted by the dogs in our houses.  While some of us can manage to squeeze in a dog or two, once in a while, the burden of care for the dogs we are trying to place falls to Auburn Kennels, who have generously and graciously helped us in our efforts to save these dogs’ lives.

The owners and staff have shown the dogs to prospective adopters, cared for, and worked with the dogs.  Since some of our members use their services for both boarding and grooming for our own dogs as well, we can’t say enough nice things about them or recommend them more highly.  Auburn is located in Houston, Texas at 1549 Campbell Road.  Their phone number is 713-465-6425.

Another valuable contribution to Akita rescue in Houston comes from the veterinary services rendered by Matt Dikeman, DVM, and Kit Kampschmidt, DVM as well as others practicing at Brittmore Animal Hospital, located at 1236 Brittmore in Houston.  Their phone number is 713-468-8253.  Again, they work not only with our rescues but with many of our members’ dogs as well.